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Friday 4 November 2016

Simple Hacks: How To Check Last Modified Date of Webpage

Check Last Modified Date of Webpage
Check last modified date
Pic credit: MaxyCorp Enterprise

Did you know...

that you could check the date a web page you are visiting was last modified?

If you are a serious internet user and have ever thought to yourself, "I wonder when this website was last updated", then you need not wonder no more. You can effectively check the last time a website page was modified by entering the following into the address bar of the website:
" javascript:alert(document.lastModified) "
 This simple script queries the current document (web URL) being viewed for one of its native properties - lastModified. This property records the last time the document was modified. Ideally, this is used to tell the last time a webmaster edited the content of a page. Page visitors can use this information to assess the update status of sites that provide time-sensitive information.

This works best on static pages as dynamic pages may have scripts that constantly update the webpage content without the intervention of the Webmaster.