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Monday 31 October 2016

TrueCaller - How Do I Unlist My Number

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Five years ago, the smart world was introduced to Truecaller - a brainchild of two engineers who wanted to offer smart phone users more control over their phone calls (or did they?) Truecaller has grown to be an authority of some sorts in screening phone calls by millions of users.

By crowd-sourcing the phone numbers in subscribers' phone books, Truecaller has built an impressive database of mobile phone numbers all over the world conveniently stored in a central, secure location. Every subscriber who uses Truecaller has - by virtue of accepting the EUA (End User Agreement) - granted the Truecaller app permission to read and upload all of their phone contacts stored in their mobile device. The Truecaller servers analyze and sort this massive stream of phone numbers coming from millions of Truecaller app users and creates a database which is accessible through the Truecaller application.
Truecaller Mobile App.
Picture credit: MaxyCorp Enterprise

When an unsaved number calls a mobile device that has Truecaller app installed, the application searches for that number on the Truecaller servers and if it finds a match, returns the contact info it has stored for that number which is then displayed on the screen of the called mobile device. This process means that the mobile device needs to have an active Internet connection in order to use the Truecaller application. A user can also use to app to search for (reverse lookup a mobile number), discover and block phone numbers for convenience.

The immense convenience of having to screen every call before you pick up provides some level of privacy to the Truecaller user. On the flip side, having to permit one's entire phone book to be uploaded to the cloud and to be accessible by any app user all over the world may be more than some may permit. So, considering the hydra-headed streams of harvesting phone numbers, how does one stop their phone number from getting on the Truecaller database? 

Gratefully, Truecaller has provided an option for mobile phone users who do not which to join the Truecaller community to "UNLIST" their phone numbers from the Truecaller servers. This simply means that your phone number would be deleted and disabled form the Truecaller system. To get started, simply click on the button below to be redirected to the Truecaller website.


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