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Monday 26 September 2016

How to Change The Number of Posts On Blogger Main Page

Google Blogger

If you are a heavy blogger and use the Google Blogger service then you most likely have tinkled with the template design of your blog. Google doesn't have a robust buffet table when it comes to its repository of default blogger templates and very soon any serious blogger would start looking for other options.

The fact that alternative blogging platforms are offering fantastic blog templates for free makes the temptations even more so irresistible. So, what's the big deal about this post? Simply download a blogger template from the Internet and be done with it, right? Unfortunately, it's not quite so. Surprisingly after you download a custom template, the setting (captured below) doesn't work. After setting the number of posts on main page to 6 (or any other figure of your choice) you would discover that your blog site still displays just one (1) blog post on the main page. Weird right? Alright, now you are panicking? Not to worry - hang in there... we are just getting started. 

The blogger team apparently need to do some housekeeping to see that this setting applies to default templates as well. While we wait for them to come golden, simply follow the steps outlines below to get your blog site just right!

1. Navigate to your blogger dashboard and click on Posts.
2. Click on your most recent blog post. This should open up the edit page for the post.
3. Go to the end of your first paragraph in the blog post and add a PAGE BREAK.Viola!

4. Repeat step 3 for all your blog posts - starting with the most recent - for at least the number of posts you want to appear on the main page. 
5. Subsequently, be sure to add a page break after your first paragraph when posting on your blog.

You should now have a main page with whichever number of blog posts as you have set on the Configure Blog Posts section.

Happy blogging!


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