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Tuesday 31 May 2016

How Safe Is Your Favorite Online Store?

According to Statistica, the number of online shoppers in 2016 is estimated to reach an all time high of 1.61 billion. If the current trend is anything to go buy, it is estimated that over 2 billion shoppers will be online by 2019.

It is no surprise that the Internet boom as changed the commerce landscape across the globe. E-commerce is no longer a far-fetched fairy tale but a daily reality - one which every business owner will do well to recognize as such.

With this increasing awareness of electronic shopping comes its attendant risks and challenges. As with every big step of mankind, there is the chance that a few would get swallowed up in the wild rush for this newly discovered pot of gold. Merchants and shoppers alike have their own checklists to go through in order to safely enjoy the benefits of this brave new world of e-commerce. 

Designing a site has now gone beyond html tags and css styles to involve complex programming designs and considerations in the face of the ever dynamic wave of security risks. It has also birthed a multi-million dollar industry - Search Engine Optimization. For a website to be considered SAFE in today's world, it has to pass several tests - both server-side and client side. SSL certificates, encryption language, firewalls, DNS verification, HSTS, Sender Policy Framework, and so many other controls have been invented to authenticate the authenticity of the server's communication with the client's computer. Client browsers have regular updates rolled out periodically to keep the client side updated with the latest security patches and improvements as well.

Just as web and software programmers need to keep abreast of latest trends in the syber security ecosystem in designing an ecommerce website, users have to play their parts in making sure that they watch out for tell tale signs of suspicious/compromised websites. One of the ways users can stay ahead of the wave is by using the Qualys.com SSL Lab test tool which checks the security status of a website and assigns it a rating. Qualys is a world renowned player in the development of technologies to secure the web. By continually pushing the bounds of server security, Qualys Labs has built somewhat of a benchmark which can be accessed freely by Internet users to assess the state of any website's hosting server. With score ratings ranging from A+(most secure) to F(unsafe), users and Web Administrators can get insight into which website is secured and which to steer clear from.

Qualys Rating for maxycorp.net
Qualys Rating for maxycorp.net

Give it a go today. What does your favorite online store score?



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